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Borum Air Actuated Truck Jacks




BORUM "Industrial Quality" pneumatic heavy-duty Air Actuated Hydraulic Quick Lift Truck Jacks are fitted with a premium power turbo air motor to lift heavy loads. The efficient "Borum" quick lift system is designed to ensure the lifting ram comes in contact with the load lifting point faster. The compact design easily fits between dual tandem axles. Ideal for lifting axles, farm vehicles, heavy-duty machinery, industrial equipment and more. Includes height adapters. 



Built With The Best Components

BORUM "Industrial Quality" Truck Jacks are carefully constructed from the highest grades of rugged steel, to the wear-resistant seals using XTP Double Seal Technology, to the super strong hydraulic pump, right down to the high/low temperature-resistant hydraulic oil... BORUM specifies quality components built to exacting standards that deliver top industrial performance and reliability.

Performance You Can Count On

The long-wearing performance of BORUM "Industrial Quality" Truck Jacks starts with the piston-ram. It's treated and polished to resist thinning over time and uses a XTP double sealing ring with a backup ring. This XTP-ring keeps the jack solidly raised in the desired position, preventing the load from falling slowly.

Added Safety Overload Protection

BORUM "Industrial Quality" Truck Jacks are fitted with a built-in bypass hydraulic safety overload system for extra protection and to give you extra peace of mind. Even if you load the jack up with too much weight, the safety overload kicks in and gently lowers the unit before the operator is put in a dangerous situation.



Powerful, Heavy-Duty Operation

BORUM "Industrial Quality" Truck Jacks are the perfect choice for a wide variety of uses. The compact design easily fits between dual tandem axles, making them ideal for lifting axles, farm vehicles, heavy-duty machinery, industrial equipment and more.

Rapid Rise Technology Lifts Loads Fast

When you're looking to get heavy loads up quickly and efficiently, the BORUM "Industrial Quality" Truck Jack Quick Lift system gets the job done. The system allows the lifting ram to come in contact with the load faster, and it can quickly raise up to the required height. The 3-position pumping handle does its part, making it easy to reach under vehicles with low overhangs.

Versatility To Get The Job Done

Use this workhorse with a 145–175psi rated air pressure supply to lighten the load and provide the fast, strong lifting power you need, or operate it manually for normal operation just about anywhere. The extensive air/hydraulic lift range raises the load to the desired height, with custom made height adaptors to help you fine-tune the jack from there.

Use It Day In And Day Out

BORUM "Industrial Quality" Truck Jacks are designed for long lasting professional durability. The rugged commercial-grade steel frame is finished with a premium quality lead-free paint that covers the entire surface to ensure long-lasting wear and help prevent rust. The paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup no matter where you put this jack to work.



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About the Borum brand

“Heavy duty industrial quality Garage and Workshop tools & equipment”

Our “heavy duty commercial” range of Borum Industrial equipment has been manufactured to exacting standards for the past 34 years. We specify industrial quality components and design to ensure a long and durable working life in commercial transport, mining, earthmoving and railway environments. Our Borum Industrial range of equipment is focused on achieving world-class professional standards, reliability, quality, and are covered by a 12 month trade use warranty*.