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Bottle Jack Air/Hydraulic 20,000kg

Model: BSLAJ20

Borum Industrial

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Product Code: BSLAJ20

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Lightweight Super Low Profile Borum Industrial Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack with a 20,000kg capacity. This unit has an extra long reach handle with convenient inbuilt solid wheels and a welded base to prolong service. Chrome main ram and aluminum oversized TURBO air motor guarantee optimum lifetime. Air filter and air regulator connected to hose, included. This unit provided enough lifting power for use with farm vehicles, heavy duty machinery, industrial construction equipment and more.

Unique height adaptor system to convert from low profile to high lift in seconds.

Long handle with 900mm reach for positioning under vehicles with low overhang that is removable for convenient transport and storage. Removable extension screw is used with the (2) 100mm extension adaptors (included) for added height when necessary. Spring operated self-retracting ram. Fast efficient air pump reduces lifting time and has a built- in relief mechanism which prevents the jack from being used beyond its maximum capacity. 

Powerful, Heavy-Duty Operation

This 20,000kg heavy-duty air/hydraulic bottle jack is the perfect choice for a wide variety of uses. The power of air makes it easy to lift farm vehicles, trucks, lawn mowers, heavy equipment and other large loads!

Versatility To Get The Job Done

Use this workhorse with a 100–145 psi rated air pressure supply to lighten the load and provide the fast, strong lifting power you need. The 155-427mm lift range raises the load to the desired height and a knurled, heat-treated pad with a 80mm screw height adjustment allows you to fine-tune the jack from there.

Use It Day In And Day Out

This jack is designed for durability. A rugged high-grade steel frame is teamed with a lead-free paint finish that covers the entire surface to ensure long-lasting wear and help prevent rust. The paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup no matter how often you put this jack to work.


  • Constructed of high-grade steel and built to exacting standards for quality and durability
  • Lead-free paint finish is applied after a thorough chemical wash to ensure a long-lasting finish and to help prevent rust
  • Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup
  • Super low minimum height for easy access
  • Compact design fits easily between tandem wheels.
  • Solid 125mm diameter high impact composite wheels make maneuverability easy. 
  • High lift with extension screw gives added control when necessary
  • Heavy duty polished cylinder is welded to the base, assuring strength and eliminating leaks
  • Chromed pump piston and ram for added rust resistance
  • Compact yet powerful air turbo motor raises load to desired height efficiently, effortlessly and safely
  • Air operation greatly reduces operator fatigue
  • Quick connector design provides easy removal of air hose


  • Safe Working Capacity: 20,000kg
  • Miniumum Lift Height: 155mm
  • Maximum Lift Height: 475mm
  • Ram Stroke: 70mm
  • Screw Extension: 48mm
  • Height Adaptors: 2x 100mm each
  • Operating Air Pressure: 100-145psi
  • Handle Length: 900mm
  • Base Dimensions: 125 x 320mm
  • Carton: 510 x 280 x 185mm
  • Gross Weight: 20.8kg



 Print version                                                  Owners Manual  

IMPORTANT:   NEVER get beneath a vehicle that is only supported by a jack. ALWAYS chock the vehicle wheels and use Jack Support Stands.



About the Borum brand

Our premium range of "Borum Industrial" equipment, has been manufactured to exacting standards for the past 30 years, We specify industrial quality components and design to ensure a long and durable working life in an industrial environment. Our "Borum Industrial" range of equipment is focused on achieving world-class professional standards, reliability, quality, and innovation whilst delivering great value. 

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